Caledon Hydroseeding was established in 1993 by Art Betts of Bolton, Ontario. In 2007 Caledon Hydroseeding was acquired by Greg Frangakis and Michael Kovach.


With over 20 years business experience in the Construction/Landscaping field, Greg and Mike will continue to carry the Caledon Hydroseeding name with great pride. Our company has been a reputable supplier of quality workmanship and competitive pricing to all our customers. We are committed to continuing to provide honest and professional service to the Southern Ontario area.


At Caledon Hydroseeding all jobs are treated with equal priority. Large estate type properties, or small repairs to your lawn, we will do our best to accommodate all requests in a timely manner.


Landscape Contractors are also a vital part of our business. We offer all types of seed varieties requested for various applications. Commercial properties, roadside erosion control banks, and storm water management systems are just some of the requests we have completed.


Please enjoy our photo gallery showing many before and after results of our proud work. 




Caledon Hydroseeding also provides additional types of services. Frequently, properties need extra preparation prior to applying seed. We offer complete fine-grading services prior to the hydroseed application, resulting in a smooth lawn for ease in cutting. We also offer complete de-thatching and removal of dead or damaged existing grass to prepare ground for new seed. Topsoil delivery and spreading can also be provided if required all at a very reasonable cost.


Following the application of hydroseed, watering is very important to get your lawn started. We can provide you with a watering program if required due to dry periods. Once your grass has become established, Caledon Hydroseeding can also provide you with a complete fertilization program to ensure a strong and healthy lawn.


Seed Varieties


To many, grass seed is just grass seed. There are, however, hundreds of varieties of seed mixes available to choose from. From the typical Kentucky Bluegrass regular lawn mix, to pasture mixes for cattle and horses, Caledon Hydroseeding can provide them all.


Low maintenance Wildflower mixes, and environment friendly Eco-grasses are becoming more and more popular for residential and commercial use. These seeds can provide beauty to your property with a limited amount of maintenance such as cutting and watering.